People are tired do not understand the world of the postmodern, and it is quite difficult not to think what will happen soon. We are afraid to know, and therefore we are doomed to fear led us again.

After all, history - is not no beam having a beginning but no end. History - the pendulum. The absence of ideology, values diversity, convention rules cheapness authorities deprived the canons of the world, our world - like music without the keynote. And this man tired haphazard tuneless racket. Pendulum, hovering for several years in its most extreme point moves back, deep down people have already misses to the major pathos militaristic anthem by hard finger, indicating where to march him. The man did not understand a tired, tired of the inability of anything to make out in this Tower of Babel of information, longs for the simplicity of blood red line total leitmotif that negate everything that lull the vigilance of our short break in the historic scale has taught us to take for granted.